I have mainly been painting sceneries that connote Death based on my conviction that I can attain a concept that’s unperceivable in the language-like traditional paintings through having programming language intervene into them. In addition, I have been utilizing a wide range of digital technology such as 3DCG and image editing software. I create paintings from my new inspirations (something like a sixth sense) that have expanded because of digital technology.

Two reasons led to such a production method. First, I was influenced by the fact that I originally obtained a degree in a university to learn broadly about digital media and then majored in oil painting at an art university. Second, it is because I believe that the value of pursuing in this age the issue of relationships between the metaphor and symbols, which can be said to be the basic structure of paintings, lies in mediation by digital technology. The arbitrariness that results from the combination of digital technology, such as programming languages as metaphors, and traditional pictorial languages, such as symbols, is the power source for new painting power.